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Valorant Duo Queue Games

Valorant certainly has various modes you can play solo, duo or in a group of 3-5 players. At the moment, however, we are going to devote special attention to duoq games. Here you will get some information about the features of the duoq game and find out more concerning our Valorant duo boost service.

Can you duo queue in Valorant?

The answer is absolutely yes! Undoubtedly, duo play is a good option for accomplishing goals and getting higher ranks together with your friend. In other words, it is a pleasant opportunity to do both:

  1. Get a great result in the matches;
  2. Have some fun with your mate.

    Meanwhile, our service provides such a possibility as well. Everything is simple – you duo queue with one of our boosters and achieve a desired rank with their professional assistance. We are offering Valorant duo boost that is relatively cheap, but still effective and does guarantee a fast result. If you are willing to buy our boost, contact us via our chat on the website. Please don’t hesitate, it is in our best interest to assist!

    Is duo queue harder than solo?

    It is dependable, as several factors impact the level of complexity while you are duo or solo queueing. Solo game is preferable for players who:

    • Put self-improvement and personal growth in the game in the first place;
    • Can only trust and rely on themselves.

      Although this kind of players are frequently pretty good at the game and feel okay to play on their own, duo game can be advantageous as well:

      • Along with skills acquisition, you learn to play as a team;
      • Duo learns to rely on your teammate and be sure that someone gets your back.
      • You spend some good time enjoying the game together with a friend.
      • Duo play is increasing your chances to win.

        Consequently, it is hard to answer that question objectively as each of two options is dependent upon players’ preferences, their skills level and personality type. In that way, you can take a look at benefits of both solo and duo queue once again and choose what you are preferential to. If it is challenging for you to make a choice as you appreciate self-development, but still would like to stand out like a team player, we are here to offer Valorant duo boost. The whole system is quite simple – you are duo queueing with our specialist who has knowledge of Elo system and how it works. You should have no worries as our boost is secure and comes with an assured win rate as our boosters are skilled and have significant experience in Valorant.

        Can you queue as 4 in Valorant?

        Unfortunately, such an option is no longer available for competitive matches. Riot Games commented that the decision was made considering the position of the 5th player, who was gaining a less pleasant experience in the game. However, people who only play in a group of 4 can opt for unranked matches, replication or spike rush (the last one provides special treats (orbs) for players to make the game more fascinating – damage amp, paranoia, combat stim, etc.).

        Why are Valorant queues so long?

        Long queues are explainable, as the system takes into account your rank and abilities and tries to pick up opponents whose skill level is akin to yours. For instance, you are queueing in a group of 5 players, where all of your friends are Immortal players, while you have only reached Gold Ⅱ. Valorant will accordingly take some time to find a group who has a similar average MMR, so you are likely to face extended queue times.



How that works?

Everything is very simple. You choose the boosting service you need on the website, fill in the order with the necessary information and make a payment. After receiving your details we’ll immediately get started to work.

Can I get a discount or a better deal?

We make our best to keep the most affordable prices in the industry. However, we always value our loyal customers so contact our support for a better price.

Can I choose the booster I want to work with my order?

Yes, you can specify this while filling in the order form or contact our operator to discuss the details.

How much time do you need to fulfill my order?

This depends on order customization details and boosters available at the moment. In any case, we guarantee that will do our best to complete your order in the shortest possible time.